Sunday, November 30, 2008

planetary alignment.

Some ghostly man put a crab in the oven
don't you know he was a gardener once
but your walls are leaking
and the ceilings too
An indian spark boy granted me a wish
but the glitter skin spirit ran back
into the womb
he opened wide
with a sonic knife made of solar flare granite
you threw it at the wall
and opened up the bear
his cave was filled with clear and silver manikins
all placing crystal bets
on the water dripping fest
dripping fast like the spider weaving tube grass
into a shirt for the king to sing in
the people all turn blue
the ground is caked in flu
the sparkle boy indian returned to me
holding in his hand a golden talon
i broke my will
to paint my body red
he flew into the nexus with his crystal hat on
to shed a tear with the queen bee
for something i knew to see
but time is just a lisp
a stitch a blinking twitch
don't cry so hard

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