Sunday, November 23, 2008


dearest t-t-t-uccccker,this is levi, that guy in the bible.
i'm really missing you at this precise moment in time.
i wish you were here so i could give you a big hug. (and kiss)
cannot wait to see your beautiful face in 5 days.

(as transcribed by his befffffeeeefffeefff anne.)

whoa levi
bible guy
girl with your words
in her hand
her name is Anne
your alter ego?
where did she go?
i hope she's neato
soon i'll see you
my love is true
the groove is blue
don't sniff glue
with ribbons in your hair
we'll hug and speak
sing in the creek
and drink mead with Thorr

love Tucker
(as transcribed by Bleu)

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