Thursday, April 16, 2009

artists i like

Monica Conilao
Kelsey Brookes
Fernando Chemarelli

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alien Girl

baby i see you across the room
looking like you stepped out of space
glittering pants and a sequined face
just let me let you know i think you're great

say girl you seem spacial don't you know it
the world seems a different place
now that i know you're on it
even though i don't think you're from it

say girl you seem fancy don't you know it
i might even fancy a walk with you
have some fancy talk with you
get on some fancy groove with you
let me stand under the moon with you
girl i love you you know it's true

hey grl i got a good feeling about you
uv got me tingling all the nite thru
beam me up into your UFO of Love
beam me up into your UFO of Love
beam me up into your UFO of Love!

I've never been in love
with an Alien Girl
but it feels so great
so out of this world