Friday, September 18, 2009

It had been one hell of a coffee bender. Snorting grounds, shooting it…I hadn’t slept for 8 days. And what a cave my mind was. I swear I was telepathic. But in reality, I was just insane and beautiful, and invisible. I could fucking levitate. I had never experienced such delirium and beauty. I was an orb, an elegant beast birthed from the Oort clouds of deep space. I think it was somewhere near hour 157. I was hanging upside down, my legs wrapped around the edge of the roof, at 4:28 in the morning. Space was my earth, and Earth became astral. Here, my mind detached from my head, and became cosmically oriented. Left became right, up became down, direction became erection, moose became mouse, house became…space. Glorious jazzy space. I was hurtling at the speed of light through cosmic organisms. Before, I had obviously been acquainted with the possibility that we were not the only planet, but rather an infinitesimal speck on the post-post-heliocentric map. But now, now I knew. My mind was beautiful, a work of art. Stardust, nebula dust. DUST! My mind virtuously acquainted me with the universe. I was spinning, dancing, reveling. I had expanded, opened up to accept what was there. Salty, salty earth!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

thanks david.

you've grown up so well
so strong and cool and right
a wild stallion at the volume of its life
now it's time to grow your hair like a vagabond
pack your clothes
put on a pack and roll
and get out
get out
get out
before the walls close in and they put you at a desk
tie your boots and cut yourself loose
the road is your rest, fiend!
get out
get out
before they tied you up
get out

she was a fine line girly girl with giggly golden curls and a tongue to match the nectar of her thighs

i walked her to her car where she lit a small cigar and blew the cherry smoke into my face
next thing i knew i held her shoes and some booze, her stockings wrapped loosely 'round my neck

Sunday, May 10, 2009

slut heels

you wear a feather 'round your head
and ask me to your bed
shaman potion in my blood
i'm seein red
like a jaguar like a claw
i see your paws
brazen teeth frozen lies
and jaguar eyes

ojos de la jaguar!

como piedras del sol
me quemas profunda
con veneno de la cobra
grito a la luna
digame tus suenos
te mostrare mis sombras

you can call me your papi
papi papi
you can call me your chili
chili chili
you can
only if i can call you my one and only

i fell in love today
she might be here to stay
my bayayayaybay
she's the kind of girl
i would like to

the wind stirs my beach blonde hair
as i shake it aside i see you standing there

surfin waves so tall
tanned without a flaw
my bod is achin
for a beach side shakin

coconut milk tastes so sweet
so cool and refreshing
like the summer bumpin belly achin

ooooh ooooh ooooh coconut kerri

Thursday, April 16, 2009

artists i like

Monica Conilao
Kelsey Brookes
Fernando Chemarelli

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alien Girl

baby i see you across the room
looking like you stepped out of space
glittering pants and a sequined face
just let me let you know i think you're great

say girl you seem spacial don't you know it
the world seems a different place
now that i know you're on it
even though i don't think you're from it

say girl you seem fancy don't you know it
i might even fancy a walk with you
have some fancy talk with you
get on some fancy groove with you
let me stand under the moon with you
girl i love you you know it's true

hey grl i got a good feeling about you
uv got me tingling all the nite thru
beam me up into your UFO of Love
beam me up into your UFO of Love
beam me up into your UFO of Love!

I've never been in love
with an Alien Girl
but it feels so great
so out of this world

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rihanna and Lil Wayne are great friends!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


but your photosynthesis
dragged me into this
and now I can't stop dancing


A colony of glitter skinned pagans
Living in the metallic atmosphere
They feed from the gold crustacean moonbeams
That float like tie-dye flowering feathers
Into the emotion ocean nexus
You can only reach it with Afronaut

Cryptic elf warlocks speak of Afronaut
The one love-child of Björk and the Pagans
He was born from the womb of the nexus
To serve the funk vibe of King Atmosphere
Each moon, he drinks a chalice of feathers
So he can fly amongst the gold moonbeams

“Can I drag my fingers through your moonbeams?”
Sultry to the Princess says Afronaut
While she shuts her eyes and spreads her feathers
He draws a gleaming sword forged by Pagans
From wish star nectar in the atmosphere
And they dance cosmically in the nexus

A third eye gathers light in the nexus
To shine forth through the nebulous moonbeams
and silent silver crows in the atmosphere
her lips whisper nectar to Afronaut
boiling his star-fire blood of the Pagans
surging from gold skin as neon feathers

The Princess dreams on a bed of feathers
A fluorescent child forms in the nexus
Beats lilt from the mead horns of the Pagans
As with third eyes they dance through the Moonbeams
arming the liquid throne of Afronaut
on the fractal steppe of the Atmosphere

A lace wing dance vibe floats in the Atmosphere
Where the mind is a necklace of Feathers
They sing with harps the song of Afronaut
Divine father of fluorescent nexus
And Lord Tribe King of the Lambent Moonbeam
His third eye drops omens to the Pagans

Afronaut inhales the gold atmosphere
Where Pagans dance among beds of feathers
And the Nexus laughs rivers of Moonbeams

Saturday, January 24, 2009

carpe diem

All those women in hose
Blowing their nose in the satin shades
All those ladies in silk
Dropping their fingers into their buttermilk lips

makin' love
in an opium den

Monday, January 19, 2009

Spittin Teeth

every time i breath
my heart skips a beat
your scent is full of flowers
it tastes so warm and sweet

and baby don't you know
im full of fire for you
and baby don't you know
it's gonna happen when i want it too

we're gonna run away to mexico
live (off the land) in a teepee and an old camaro

oh when you look at me
my neck begins to sweat
with your long dark lashes
ill have you or be dead

and baby don't you know
im full of fire for you
and baby don't you know
it's gonna happen when i want it too

there are women in the world
with souls full of flames
call the witch doctor
because I think I’ve been burned

we're gonna run away to mexico
live (off the land) in a teepee and an old camaro

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

they say his name is johnny Steele 
he's a cold blooded man
he'll kill you if he feels

his arms are made of pure evil
his legs are forged by the gods

me and the El camino 
took the road down south
down to tennessee 
where the liquor is hot 
and the women are too

Monday, January 5, 2009


I hate it when my water prematurely boils

if you know what I mean

weak tea.
say twiddly winks
with your wings all in a kink
don't bat an eyelash lest you put up your drink
and just let me let you know you stink
the stench has made me pink
and don't even think
about puking in the sink
i'll put my face in ink
to remove this place of mink
and hang it's fur coat on a chain link

Got No Gold

oh my god what can I say
it's just been a long damn day
and all I want
all I want is to
get myself all whiskey lubed
think about the petting zoo
drop a nickle out into
the rain
just to see if Abe comes back again.

oh my god what can I say
everything is dried away
and the gold is gone
my hopes are gone
and i've been in the mines too long
is the inside of my bottle's walls
walk outside and take
a pee
just to see if Abe is back in town

oh my god the mine is dry
my donkey is dead and I ain't high
my pickaxe's broke the stars were wrong
my whiskey's dried and the gold is gone
i went into a saloon 
oh i went into a saloon last night
got in a fight with a salmon knife
just to see if Abe is back again

I walked down the road last night 
drunk off moonshine and lookin for a fight
I ain't got an excitin life
and especially got no goddamn wife
but i am fine 
but i am fine
just as long as abe comes back again

my prospector's life is a cryin' matter
my prospector's life is a cryin matter
I don't get no women, gold, or water
but you better say i never been gladder
just to see Abe come back again
just to see Abe come back again

oh what say you
to the giraffe in the petting zoo
say hey, you long necked nucklebrain
don't you dare look at me again
oh hey ahey yaya
just to see Abe come back again