Sunday, November 2, 2008


I found a dreadlock seed in my driveway. Today I engaged in unprotected egg swappery with an armadillo, and now my teeth are bleeding. Bastard armadillo didn’t notify me of its syphillic ghonnoroids three weeks in advance like the contract said. I’m sueing. I walked into school smelling like my Grandma, with my hoboe shoes and my hoboe pants and my hoboe morals. Molasses grasses! John Henry was a baby boy sittin’ on his momma’s sneeze say oh hey ho say oh hey ho. It’s gon’ a be tha birth and snooze o’ me. Don’ you go n’ play on the train tracks Betsy Lou I tol’ you dem trains gon’ run you over missus. Massa tol’ me I betta go n’ watch you Missy Betsy Lou. Tie yo’ shoes.

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