Monday, November 3, 2008

guaca profe.

Sr. Carstens
is the tribal chief
He wears a flesh yamaka
and struts his muslces
to mexican guaca pop
Follow the shiny spot
and you will learn the language
of limbo
not quite english, not quite spanish
He yells at his tribe
teaching grammar
spear in hand
or at least i see
it says "Gringo"
in green
He is a prophet
a lightning bolt
an oxe feather
a nacho
he can control the weather
el tiempo
he can control the subjunctive
el subjunctivo
with that flesh cap
and guaca spear
A yamaka totin' leader of the most tribal order
skinning chicos in his sleep
for taco toppings
put your faith in his cheek
put your hand in the creek.

1 comment:

mitch C. said...

spandingle is right,
he is an angry god.