Thursday, December 25, 2008


is the most inspiring song there is. It's like a special drink of honey and nectar harvested from the teat of a fat country pheasant. Level Up! Fuck yea, I would jump on a horse to this song. And you better believe I would ride that horse over hills and into dales, whatever dales are. I would drench my cloak in a pool of this song, and it would be fireproof. i would sing a dragon to sleep with this song.  i would put this song on in the background of a Gnome tea party. I would climb a tree to this song, and raid a beehive to this song. I would trap this song in a wooden trap, and train it to be my best friend with honeyed chestnuts. Good girl, Cosmia.
Good girl, Joanna Newsom

Saturday, December 6, 2008


As i lend my mind to the clouds
I remember how i forgot to remember their sound
Not rumbly, nor static, nor loud
But every word so soundly profound
As their advice came thrice to my mind
I realised then that it was finally time
To fly away with three eyes in a line
To begin the ascent, the ultimate climb
The air thins, mysteries unravel
Confusions die, knots in my eyes untie
My mind stands up to expand and travel
Revealing the plane where Earth meets Sky
A door opens to reveal a sight
And doubles back in a burst of light

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My top 12 Musical Albums of 2008, right?

10 wasn't enough. I felt bad for the feelings of the two i left out. 15 is too many. I'm not that nice. This was thrown together in three time glipses, so don't blink or it will go away. I was only sure about the order of the first three. After that, i didn't care too much. I need to apply to college. I can do it. I drink lots of tea. I know the difference between à propos and apropos. I can use chopsticks good. My name is written in the Arctic fucking Circle. I can do it.

I'm not as hip as John.

A list:
love, Tucker

Albums of 2008
1. Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes
2. MGMT- Oracular Spectacular (even though I got this in ’07)
3. Sigur Rós- með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
4. No Age- Nouns
5. Bon Iver- For Emma
6. Evangelicals- Midnight Descent
7. Why?- Alopecia
8. Wolf Parade- At Mount Zoomer
9. Department of Eagles- In Ear Park
10. Man Man- Rabbit Habits
11. Yeasayer- All Hour Cymbals
12. Deerhunter- Microcastles

I just found this, but I think It is easily one of the best and most haunting albums. Good for driving cross the country too. I've been addicted to it for three days now...
The Tallest Man On Earth- Shallow Grave