Monday, November 24, 2008

the gay gangsta.

what does a gangsta do
when he runs out of sniffing glue
does he run home
and grab some methodone
and smoke it out o' his shiny shoe?

what does a gangsta say
when he's tired of not gettin laid
say "bitch it's fo real
git down on it and feel"
and now this nigga's flowin' all day

all them gangstas does is get lifted
drivin' round town driftin'
menthol cigarretes
biddies touchin it
drinkin' drank to get faded

but this brotha Dwayne feels wrong like this
he wishes there was more than the fist
he told me he's cold
different and alone
and can't sleep without his mama's kiss

all this brotha wants to do is roll
get on his knees and blow
but it's a secret
gangstas don't keep cool
when one of em' don't like hoes.

all this brotha wants to do is dance
put on some tight cheetah pants
strut around the stage
glitter on his face
singin' bout love n' romance

dolla dolla bill

gangstas don't like a brotha who sings
gangstas don't like no bling bling bling
gangstas done hate that fool
who don't wear them kswiss shoes

gangstas don't like that Dwayne
who like madonna more than Lil' Wayne
gangstas done hate that fool
who drops his dollas on dance school

Dwayne was tired of being hated
so he got on a train to Las Vegas
now he's got a show
in a club called Blow
Now he goes By Desiree (R Rated) (Alpha Ass)

so im gettin tired of writing this rap
im gonna go drop a nap

to be continued...

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