Monday, November 3, 2008

the magic word.

fuck this
fuck that
fuck kids
fuck math
fuck arms
fuck legs
fuck germs
fuck kegs
fuck school
fuck pens
fuck paper
fuck crayons
fuck rulers
fuck books
fuck her
fuck her looks
fuck him
fuck his shirt
fuck me
fuck you
fuck off
fuck birds
fuck mammals
fuck plants and animals
fuck hummers
fuck mccain
fuck politics
fuck sadaam hussein
fuck palin
fuck her mother
fuck her daughter
too late
fuck cars
fuck bars
fuck forks
fuck tar
fuck spoons
fuck lard
fuck high fructose corn syrup
fuck fiber
fuck brown bananas
fuck white bananas
fuck race
fuck your face
fuck funk
fuck luck
fuck punk
fuck trucks
fuck hicks
and their guitar licks
fuck tricks
fuck ticks
fuck facebook
fuck myspace
fuck facespace
fuck mybook
fuck art
fuck feet
fuck farts
fuck beats
fuck phones
fuck this

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