Tuesday, February 3, 2009


A colony of glitter skinned pagans
Living in the metallic atmosphere
They feed from the gold crustacean moonbeams
That float like tie-dye flowering feathers
Into the emotion ocean nexus
You can only reach it with Afronaut

Cryptic elf warlocks speak of Afronaut
The one love-child of Björk and the Pagans
He was born from the womb of the nexus
To serve the funk vibe of King Atmosphere
Each moon, he drinks a chalice of feathers
So he can fly amongst the gold moonbeams

“Can I drag my fingers through your moonbeams?”
Sultry to the Princess says Afronaut
While she shuts her eyes and spreads her feathers
He draws a gleaming sword forged by Pagans
From wish star nectar in the atmosphere
And they dance cosmically in the nexus

A third eye gathers light in the nexus
To shine forth through the nebulous moonbeams
and silent silver crows in the atmosphere
her lips whisper nectar to Afronaut
boiling his star-fire blood of the Pagans
surging from gold skin as neon feathers

The Princess dreams on a bed of feathers
A fluorescent child forms in the nexus
Beats lilt from the mead horns of the Pagans
As with third eyes they dance through the Moonbeams
arming the liquid throne of Afronaut
on the fractal steppe of the Atmosphere

A lace wing dance vibe floats in the Atmosphere
Where the mind is a necklace of Feathers
They sing with harps the song of Afronaut
Divine father of fluorescent nexus
And Lord Tribe King of the Lambent Moonbeam
His third eye drops omens to the Pagans

Afronaut inhales the gold atmosphere
Where Pagans dance among beds of feathers
And the Nexus laughs rivers of Moonbeams

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